Monday, December 28, 2009


I was dreading having to ride today. Zoey has been just terrible to ride. She just does not want to go forward, then kicks out or bucks when the leg or a tap of the whip is applied. I knew I had to get her through it one way or another.

I have been figuring that she has ulcers due to her drastic change in attitude. After talking to my vet again he is ordering Cimetidine for me. As soon as I get it Zoey will be put on a round of it. In the meantime I will give Zoey a dousing of Pepto Bismol before I ride. This will coat her stomach long enough to ride. This is what I did tonight before I rode.

She still was not cooperating, to the point she refused to move at all. I did not want this to turn into a huge training issue, so I dismounted and worked her in hand. While standing on one side of her i held the reins so I could have contact with both sides. I then tapped her on her side with the whip. Her immediate reaction was to kick out with her hind leg. Since I was on the ground I had a faster reflex I was able to give her one good smack with the whip. She then leapt forward for which she was greatly praised for. I then was able to trot her in hand while gently giving her a tap with the whip. Zoey did not kick out again and went forward in both directions.

I then remounted to try and ride her again. As soon as I put my leg on she went forward. I gave her a tap and she responded by going forward. I rode her for about 15 minutes like this with no stopping, kicking out or bucking. I even asked for a few strides of canter which she did. I was pleased so I was able to end on a very good note.

Now I don't know whether it was the ground work or the Pepto really started working or a combination of the two. Either way I'm happy tonight.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very cold so I'll see if I will ride.

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