Monday, December 14, 2009


I had such a great ride tonight. It wasn't perfect but Zoey was really working well. The trot was so nice at the end. Balanced and forward with a perfect square halt at the end.

Spiraling in and out went very well. She was carrying herself balanced on the outside rein. She does become opinionated at times but that is OK. I would rather have that than no personality at all.

The lengthening at the trot was the best she has done. no running or throwing her head up. Half pass and shoulder-in on the center line was very good.

It's the canter that is still the big issue. Going to the left is good. It's when I ask for the canter transition on the right is where she gets frustrated. Her small bucks and kicking out does not bother me any more. My seat has improved so much over the last 4 months that I have impressed myself.

With work the canter will get better. At least I don't have to teach the canter like I had to with Curzon. That took a long time. I thought he would never get it.

I have to work more on my core strength. I have to kick my butt and do more yoga. I do love doing the yoga though.

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