Wednesday, December 23, 2009


An unplanned dismount is never something you want to do. Well it happened to me Monday night in my lesson. It wasn't anything spectacular. Zoey let out a big buck that unseated me after giving her a light tap with my whip. I couldn't get back in the saddle so I slid to the ground.

I did though have to let Zoey know that bucking like that was unacceptable. I jumped up immediately and backed her the width of the arena tapping her front legs with my whip. I then walked her from the ground lightly tapping her on her sides with the whip. She would kick out but I continued with the tapping. This was to get her to respect the whip not to scare her by any means.

She only tried once more when I put my leg on to buck. I was very quick with my reflexes and made her walk in a very small volte while lightly tapping her with the whip. By riding the small volte it is very hard for a horse to buck because they are constantly moving and turning.

For the past couple of weeks she hasn't been that forward and bucking when I put my leg on. I talked too my vet about the possibility of ulcers. He suggested to have a massage done on her to make sure that she doesn't have a sore back. She does become tight in the back at times, but I don't think it is that. I have asked a friend to massage her this weekend to see if she can find anything. In the mean time I'm using the thumper on her and she really enjoys that.

On Sunday she also let out a big buck that only unseated me slightly. I did though crunch my left hand into her neck at the whithers during the buck. I think my pinkie finger is broken. Not too serious as I can move it even though it is swollen and bruised. As it is my left hand I don't have a lot a feeling in it any ways. Not going to have a doctor look at it because there is not much they can do about it anyways.

Hopefully I can find a solution to her bucking soon so her training can continue. It's always something with a horse, never a dull moment.

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