Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesson Day

Today was a lesson with my ground person Terry. I have worked with him for many years on different horses.

I warmed up and we chatted and gossiped about people involved in the riding circle. It lighten up what sometimes had started up as a bad day. Today was not one of those days that started up like crap. Zoey warmed up very well.

We started off working on spiral in and out. Zoey likes to bulge out when on the left rein and fall in going to the right. Sometimes it is like riding a worm.

Then we moved on to working on canter transitions by going across the diagonal. Picking up the right lead is harder for Zoey than picking up the left lead. When she losses balance she hops around like a frog instead of going forward.

Her energy level was up so we did some lengthens across the diagonal. She did very well this week with that. She kept the frame and actually lengthened. To finish off it was shoulder-in down the center line. This went better than I thought it would. All in all it was a very good ride.

After my lesson I had a saddle fitter appointment to check the saddle. It just needs a little more stuffing in the back panels. I'm happy about that as I would cringe if I had to buy a different saddle.

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