Thursday, November 26, 2009

I wish I Knew Then What I know Now - #1

It one of those things of what you know now you wish you knew at an earlier time in your riding career.

One of those things is the difference of going forward and a horse running. Going forward and through is something I really got to work on with Colby who became the horse I trained to Prix St George and Intermediare 1.

Going forward is not about speed, but about how the horse moves. A horse that is going forward moves with fluid steps. These steps have suspension and umph. A horse that is running is more than likely on the forehand taking small steps very quickly. A horse that is moving forward and through feels and looks like they are going uphill. The hoof pushes off the ground more causing the legs to move in a higher arc.

It was not until I started to train Colby in 1994 that I really got to feel that forward movement. At the extended trot he had 12 gears. If I had known that feel and how to get that correct forward movement I might have been able to train my first horse Cariba further than Medium 2 (3rd Level).

You can't go back but take what you know and move on and not be afraid to try.

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